Premiere: NAIPIA - Another

Brighton-based Indie-Pop band NAIPIA are back with their brand new single Another, and it comes with a mighty message.

NAIPIA, made up of George, Harry and Matt, deliver melodic and addictive tunes for a new generation of music listeners. Touching on the important subject of mental health, Another is an anthem to push home the point that we all need some help sometimes.

Frontman and Another songwriter George said of the track… “To me, Another is a song that goes into the reality that there is a huge amount of us living with our own personal repetitions and obsessions in our every day lives. These can be anything from obsessive cleaning, controlling your eating in an unhealthy way, seeking comfort in the wrong things and overall finding comfort in anything to get away from reality, whatever way an individual may choose to do so,"

"The last verse delves into what I found to be the solution or me when I found myself in a dark place, like many many others my age at the time. What really secured my recovery was setting up a great community of good people around myself, I don’t know why or how this worked on a scientific or mental level but I would recommend it to any one who needed help.”

Check out the video premiere right here:


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