Run Records: No Eternity In Gold (5/11/20)

Bonfire Night's Run Record is the brand new effort from Like Moths To Flames - No Eternity In Gold. Their previous material has always stood up against the competition firmly for performances, riff writing and production, and this album is no different.

The Anatomy of Evil hits hard from the first second, making it easy to get the run off to a great start. At around 120bpm, it has a real groove that (when allowed back) is sure to get crowds moving pretty quickly. Where others blast and slam their way to energetic feelings, heavily-played drums and intermittent cuts from the rhythm guitar density create a feeling of movement, compressed fantastically. The mix breathes and flows, and this is common throughout the whole album.

The band have carried their strengths from the past into the modern era with more of a sense of identity than ever. They talk freely about their spirituality and connection to their emotions and this is evident throughout the record; each of the eleven songs is lyrically entirely different and does not focus solely on one issue. Heart-on-the-sleeve has been a style adopted by a lot of artists in heavy music, but No Eternity In Gold pulls it off effortlessly and entirely polished.

I won't beat around the bush - what you see with Like Moths To Flames is exactly what you get: heavy riffs, crushing screams and powerful melodic vocals mixed immaculately exactly how modern metalcore should be. Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland have mixed together a total corker, and it's a killer motivator for stepping up that pace again when you're lagging behind where you should be.


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