Run Records - BMTH 'Survival Horror' (31/10/20)

The first Run Record on Roadie Live is a brand new one that has been looming large on the Horizon (get it??) for a few months now - Bring Me The Horizon's return to their heavy roots, Post Human: Survival Horror.

The album leaves no stone unturned sonically for BMTH, but opener Dear Diary, indicates that spectrum would be rooted firmly in their old-school style. With songwriting straight from 2011's There Is A Hell..., the EP hits like a train from beat 1. Unlike that album however, Jordan Fish being a member of the band creates a fatness to the electronics and vocals that was never there before. With a few solos scattered in more reminiscent of traditional Bullet for My Valentine, the opener sets the tone for the whole record immaculately.

Parasite Eve is a giant sound that explores some of the more electronic, big-riff rock of recent releases, which gives way to the song Oli Sykes dubbed the 'most Bring Me song ever', Teardrops - a track plucking a chorus straight from the amo playbook with a ridiculous Sempiternal-style breakdown.

Perhaps where the EP stands out however is through the middle - a group of completely off-the-wall collaborations that few would have guessed at. Obey (with YUNGBLUD) is a total success which has brought brutal growls back to mainstream radio with crushing and doomy downtuned guitars and phenomenal guesting from Dom. Kingslayer (feat. BABYMETAL) is just as insane as you would expect with any knowledge of the trio, and the same can be said of 1x1 (feat. Nova Twins).

Finishing up with the slowest and most seemingly heartfelt track ever, the catchily named One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death (feat. Amy Lee) combines one of the best voices in alternative music ever with Oli at a toned-down level. Stunningly, it's immactulate - yes it really does work!

The record led me to my PB on the run yesterday so that speaks volumes. It's heavy, it's catchy and it's comfortably the best Bring Me The Horizon record since Sempiternal. If the rest of the Post Human collection has anything on Survival Horror, the album may well go down as their strongest, period.


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