Premiere: Ill-Informed - I'm Glad I Have Eyes (feat. Zac Jackson)

Beds/Herts natives Ill-Informed have had a steady growth through nearly three years as a band, both in fanbase and numbers with bassist Jordan Miller joining the lineup recently to replace guitarist Rafe Holden's octaver. Completing the lineup are drummer Dan Oliphant and vocalist Laura Hill, forming the current quartet.

The band are heavily integrated in their local music scene, putting on shows with Luton Live/s, playing shows around the area and promoting loads of local music. It's no wonder then that they are popular - that and the tunes they put out.

Since the release of the 88 EP last year, Ill-Informed have played shows before keeping quiet of late, holed up recording in Milton Keynes. They said of the new project: "having worked with Tim[fy James] on our previous EP, we felt super comfortable recording with him again. Old School Studios is modern and has a real chill vibe which makes putting an EP together that much easier. Tim offered advice where we needed it but still let us have free reign to make music that sounds like us."

Front L-R: guitarist Rafe Holden, drummer Dan Oliphant, vocalist Laura Hill and bassist Jordan Miller; behind: Zac Jackson

Of the guest vocal feature, they said: "We invited Zac in to guest vocal on I'm Glad I Have Eyes and he put us all to shame with his lyrical genius. Zac and Ill-Informed have history as we were in bands together a few years ago, and although we grew apart as bandmates it meant he could form El Moono and join Mystic Rain Frogs."

The video has a clear aesthetic direction, which the band has pushed to create with the new incarnation: "we asked Tim[fy] to film the video as he already knew the song inside out, so when we mentioned it to him the ideas started flowing. Once again, we invited Zac back and gave him a costume without even telling him a brief until the day of the shoot, and once again he put us all to shame, this time with his intense acting skills."

This is a darker, more doomy sound than the youthful, even-the-kitchen-sink work of the trio-era.

The start is here. The start is now.


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