Interview: Modern Error's Zak Pinchin - 25/3/19

Fresh off their intimate run with As It Is, we had a rendezvous with Modern Error frontman Zak Pinchin to discuss the new EP, their writing process and what makes them tick.

The EP flows through all of the core human emotions and explores the mind - how hard was it to express yourselves so completely?

I think it's a natural thing for me to express in creation. It gives an emotion purpose and with showing people my perception, perhaps that creates ideas in others' minds.

What does your writing process entail, and is it substantially different from the reimagining process for the + versions that close the record?

Our writing process is a mix but I think overall we approach the beginning of a song conceptually, perhaps not with all lyrics thought out but the simple idea there. That then creates a basis of what's to come and motivates our decisions. With the + versions, these were simply a revisit and rethink on how to approach [the songs], and to create a different sonic feeling but with the same emotion. Kel did these by himself and we love them a lot.

Your videos so far have all had a clear creative direction - what were the ideas behind the aesthetics throughout this first era of the band?

Thank you - we direct ourselves so that means a lot. The idea was to create a surreal almost ‘world’ that people could access by watching the videos. I am heavily into fashion films and surreal cinema so I love this kind of dedicated hyper-stylised approach, I think that explains our band or atlas our approach to a T.

If you could've done anything differently in the recording/release process, would you?

I think that's difficult to say. There's plenty we would change but we spent a long time before the band deciding what we want it to be and how we should show Modern Error to the world. Releasing music is a time and a place kind of thing, as long as you realise that the works are permanent once they are in the world and you make sure they are right before bringing them out, that's all that matters. I believe that's what we have done.

Which song means the most to each of you on the record?

Zak - I find it so hard to choose. Lyrically perhaps Cross Me Out or Separation Scars. I felt most content with how those two represented what I was trying to say.

Kel - If I had to choose one, it would be Self Synthetic as it allowed me to explore synths and different textures, and felt is was the right time to do that.

Aurelien - Separation Scars, because it came out at a pivotal period in both my life and the band's. 

Conor - To me, it's Cross Me Out as the lyrics take me to a place I haven't been before.

Which artists would you most recommend at the moment?

Loathe, Parting Gift, Poisonous Birds, Resolve, God Complex, Lotus Eater, LebrockMy Only, Holding Absence and Take Part.

Which artist(s) would make up your perfect lineup for a show?

Bowie and Nine Inch Nails and that happened, but I was barely alive to see it.

What do you eat on tour?

We are part of the problem and use Deliveroo a lot...

What has been the most affirming moment of your journey in music so far?

I think for me it would be the feeling of almost expectation from Modern Error. With every song we release, I feel this machine growing with more people involving themselves in our works. I've felt there's more expectation every time for us to deliver something as good as we can make it, audibly and visually, and I think that just affirms that we are on a good track to build something great for a lot of people.

How would you sum yourselves up in 5 words for potential new fans?

A surreal post-hardcore experience.

Huge thanks to Zak and the guys - be sure to check out their latest EP Lost in the Noise, out now.


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