Editorial: Something New, Something Old

So I have decided Mondays will be my editorial day to cover whatever I fancy related to Roadie - starting with how on earth we got here.

It feels a bit weird to be starting afresh with a new site, new recruits and a new ethic. That is not to say the people working with us are not still as fantastic including the many individuals in PR that have treated us so kindly, but for me it's very new. Starting writing for a publication back in 2016, the people around me had a lot more experience doing what they did than me and the prospect was rather daunting. Fast forward just 30 months and Roadie is my own site with my own team and my own ethos.

The area of music journalism is a bizarre one when first starting out in that it's very different from everything else, especially when you're not the NME or Kerrang of the field. To everyone else, the publication you write for is just a "blog" or a "hobby" but on the inside it feels so much more than that. Working in a professional environment and talking to industry individuals, artists and staff is mindblowing. I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity to talk to one of my heroes, let alone speaking to Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance about our anxiety issues on a completely level platform with genuinely mutual respect.

Roadie Live is just beginning, and the best is most definitely yet to come. We have new features on the horizon, we will be working with new bands, bringing the best small bands to light and trying to get to the very heart of that alternative culture really means to us all.

Thank you to everyone who has helped Roadie Live or me individually get to this point, we will all be forever grateful of your support.

Yours musically,



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