Emmure - The Key Club, Leeds - 06.04.18

Fit For A King was our first act of the night, (Alpha Wolf were the actual openers but I, unfortunately, I missed the majority of their set, but the few minutes I did manage catch of them they sounded fantastic) and straight out the gate, Fit For A King brought out big energy, a massive stage presence and an abundance of intricate, hard-hitting riffs.

And between what was an incredibly tight performance and a chaotic crowd reaction, was a set really set the tone for what the night was going to be like.

Next up was on this rather stacked line up was Obey the brave, and keeping with a rather strong theme, was another band that had an incredibly large presence and huge amounts of energy, both from their music and from their physical being. But however, it wasn’t just the great atmosphere that made their set, it was backed up by an abundance of catchy tunes and incredibly strong vocal work.

Rise Of The North Star was up next, bringing out with them what was seemingly a very interesting and a very unique take on the rap/ metal genre(?)

Bringing together the kind of grooves you would expect find throughout 90’s nyc hardcore, catchy rap vibes, hard and heavy riffs, and a look very much inspired by Japanese culture.

This all combined with the insane and high intensity show they gave us, absolutely made for one of the best sets of the night.

But finally, our headliners of the night, Emmure, and I must say, going off the performance they gave us on the night, it is a position that they absolutely deserve (and going off the many other times I have seen them, it is a position that they are very likely to going to continue to earn).

It was a high energy set, with a huge sound and massive riffs, they know what they’re going for and they overachieve it by a mile. Plus along with a great crowd reaction that never seemed to die down, really made for one of the best shows I’ve been to in a long time.

Photography By Alex Dixon

Words By Alex Dixon