While She Sleeps - So What?

While She Sleeps have always had cracking album openers, and Anti-Social, the lead single, is certainly no exception to this rule. So What? is the group's fifth studio album, following the phenomenal success of their 2017 album You Are We, and immediately both fan and casual listener alike can see that So What? is going to be another brilliant record.

Drawing from heavy metal, hard rock and some house/dance influences, Anti-Social is a wonderful mesh of genres that somehow just works. Following on, I've Seen It All is an evolution of genres and themes explored in You Are We. Here the listener experiences some pop-punk sounds in the bridge section, before heading back into the signature lead guitar driven sound that While She Sleeps does so well. The listener hears a similar sort of thing in The Guilty Party and Set You Free, which starts with a choral introduction.

Inspire explores more vocal effects used in mixing and mastering the track, but without going over the top. The guitar solo and riffs are once again insane in this song, and so far it seems like the group are headed for an even bigger success with So What? Haunt Me is similar to Inspire, but While She Sleeps show variation once again by experimenting with half time, syncopated rhythms and impeccable timing.

There is an abrupt change at the title track, once again displaying the group's outstanding talent at any genre they put their hand to, however the heaviness comes back into play and die hard fans of the band will not be disappointed. The same fans will love the track Elephant, the signature While She Sleeps sound prevailing throughout the four and a half minute track.

The entire album is full of surprises for fans and new listeners alike. While She Sleeps have produced an absolutely astounding album, and not one track is weaker than the others. The group have clearly built on the success from their previous album and we can't wait to see what they do next.

You can still catch their live shows tonight (28th Feb) at O2 Academy in Leeds, and tomorrow (1st March) at Roundhouse in London.


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