Void of Vision - Hyperdaze Redux

Following the 2019 album Hyperdaze, the Redux rerelease may have been seen as an unnecessary addition to Void of Vision's catalogue by some fans before paying attention. One look at the tracklisting would change that however - a whole host of features from some of the most exciting bands around, added to the already crushing album.

Notable new guests on the record include Kadeem France of Loathe, Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence and Ecca Vandal so it may not be a surprise to many people to hear the album sounds even more sensational than previously.

Heading up the record is Year of the Rat feat. Jacob Charlton of Thornhill fame, which is set to stun new listeners and old fans alike with the added textures of a third vocalist. Cutting through the dense layers of technical rhythm guitars come visceral screams and soaring choruses. The kick drum pins everything in its place and leaves everything to sit perfectly placed in the mix. This record is truly another victory for mixer Lance Prenc, still pushing at the very front of the game.

Two particular standout tracks on the record come in the shape of Kerosene Dream feat. Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) and Splinter feat. Kadeem France. The crushing technical guitars shine through here particularly to pack a dense soundscape for huge power. Hearing France in a non-Loathe and non-George Lever mix gives his vocals a different flavour from his native environment and allows his ability to charge up the fuelled track in a new way. The breakdown towards the end of Splinter blends France with Jack Bergin to create a viscious dialogue before one of the filthiest riffs known to man.

Where many collaborative albums and remixes fall is the integration of the two artists, especially where the album has been released previously. In this instance, all of these artists are astounding in their own right in a similar field. Every single one of these features integrates immaculately into the scene and pulls an enormous extra boost into the fold.

This edition of the album incorporates some generational talents in heavy music into an album Roadie Live already loved, so this release may well elbow its way to the forefront of the industry this year. Watch out for Void of Vision - they are taking absolutely no prisoners this time round.


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