The Uncharted - Perspectives

Opening with the atmospheric electronic buildup of Deathdrive, it seems the release will be a restrained and mellow collection - how wrong that assumption would be. Breaking out into thrashing riffs and brutal guttural screams, The Uncharted clearly aren't mucking about.

Breaking through into Catch 22, the true extent of their melody begins to be revealed: melodic cleans cut easily through the chaos with tight harmony across the stereo mix. This then flows easily into the delay-led lead through the intro to Half Light which shows off Arron Carter's fantastic voice truly.

Horizons is a crushingly heavy return to normal to provide a Holloween-ready track for their performance next month alongside Our Hollow, Our Home. Unfortunately however, this is not the highlight of the record - that comes in the form of fifth tune Vision. Lyrics of darkness and despair of suicidal thoughts fight through with a vocal tone sounding like a cross between Tillian Pearson of Dance Gavin Dance and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge. Combining with Pete Lee's screams, the pair form a fantastic partnership that completes the talented young metalcore outfit. Another mention must go to both guitarists - the rhythm in Vision pins down the track with ease, and the lead fills up all of the empty space with aplomb.

Finishing up with recent single Revival, heavy riffs and soaring choruses are demonstrated as in all previous songs. Lyrically one of the stronger tracks, talking about a loss of faith and a deep-hidden will to live, the track sees out a strong release for the Gloucestershire septet.

Overall, a very positive release which should gather a lot of momentum - not a finished product yet but a lot of promise to become huge.


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