The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Key Club, Leeds - 28/3/19

Hearing that Cute Is What We Aim For have dropped out of this tour was definitely a shock and some dissatisfaction from fans was received but after we spoke to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus about this it seemed clear that they were still going to give the show the best show they possibly could and with The Bottom Line joining the line up it’ll definitely be a fun filled show.

Warming up the crowd we have the incredible SayWeCanFly, kicking the night off nice and chilled. Although he was the first act on tonight the room was packed and seemed pumped to sing along to the emotional songs produced by Braden “in his bedroom”. The whole crowd listened intently and sang along to the hits, unfortunately there was a group of, let’s say rude people that were disturbing the gig and talking the whole way through. This didn’t seem to faze Braden and he carried on playing to the people who were clearly interested. We were even treated to a lovely cover of At The Drive In.

Next up we have our fill in act The Bottom Line, another name that seemed to be floating around recently, they entered the stage to a roar of the fans. Maybe being a fill in wasn’t a bad choice for these guys, the crowd didn’t seem to mind at all. Their set was jam packed with high energy and emotion, something that although seems to be a contrast works perfectly. It’s been a while since a band has owned The Key Club stage as they did, interacting with the crowd during all the little breaks, flowing effortlessly into the next song. Even adding a little banter between them, telling the story of accidentally hitting Bass player Max with the guitar during a breakdown.

Now it’s finally time for Emo legends The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to enter the stage, the moment the music hit, the crowd just stopped and awaited for the entrance of the guys who wrote the songs that powered out childhood. Ronnie enters the stage armed with the cliché rockstar sunglasses and belts out the most incredible notes you’ve ever heard, it feels as if we’re back in 2003. The first part of the set was a nice change as they chose to play their 3 newest tracks back to back with no break. Pausing once they have finished these songs, Ronnie explains that those will be the only new songs they will play and that they are about to play their debut album in full. The crowd went crazy for every single song, screaming each lyric back to the band as if the album was just released not 13 years old.

Photos and Words - Nathan Robinson