The Lounge Kittens - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 4/4/19

Opening for The Lounge Kittens for the entire tour was solo artist Grant Sharkey, self dubbed as a satirical bassist. Entering onto the stage with a classical double bass, Sharkey immediately impresses with slap technique and politically relevant and amusing lyrics. He was open and friendly with the audience, praising the main act and Nottingham were sad to see him leave the stage once his performance was over.

Dressed entirely in green sequinned outfits and smiles to brighten anyone's day, The Lounge Kittens arrived to huge cheers. Opening with Gold Dust by DJ Fresh, the combination of the three vocalists' harmonies made hairs stand on end and shivers run down spines. Each voice brought something special to the group, and each Kitten had tremendous talent in her own right.

The Lounge Kittens have a vast repertoire ranging from heavy metal to 80s soft pop, and the setlist they created encompassed a huge range, varying from Lionel Richie to Avicci. Perhaps their most well known cover is Pop Punk Medley, which includes the likes of Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Panic! At The Disco and Paramore.

The group opened up a dialogue about mental health, a topic which they have recently been promoting on their YouTube channel. They talked about the rough year they'd all individually had last year, and included in their set One Step Closer by Linkin Park as tribute to Chester Bennington, and a range of songs by The Prodigy to honour Keith Flint, both suicide victims. They also welcomed Grant Sharkey back to the stage to help with their Avicci medley, a song which for The Lounge Kittens represents coming out the other side of their struggles.

Overall both artists gained a new following of fans from Nottingham and will be welcomed back in the future, and put on a great show.