The Brave - Aura

If you’re in need of something to slip in nicely with the rest of your melodic hardcore selection of records, Aura may just do the trick, but if you’re in need of something with a little more innovation- I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

Call it Beartooth, call it Architects, call it what you will. The point is that this has been done over and over again by the masses, each time producing a more watered-down version of the last to have succumbed to the commercially successful ‘create a metal-core album’ formula. And it’s clear that The Brave have fallen into this trap, proving a real shame when their debut Epoch was an incontestably strong start for the band. Technicolour and Above The Clouds pack a bit more of a punch than the rest, but the powerful nature of these two tracks is lost when embedded in what is essentially an album of reproduced eyewash we’ve already heard a million times before.

Not to come down like a ton of bricks on these guys though; if it wasn’t for the critical acclaim their debut had perhaps it wouldn’t be so easy to be so harsh. With a debut like that it can be difficult to meet the expectations of those listening, and it must be said that Aura itself isn’t a bad record. Yet the issue still stands: it’s not exceptional either. The Brave have sat on the fence with this one, seeming to have lost a lot of their erratic power that was able to grab our attention back in 2016. Regardless, it is still worth giving it a go. I imagine for those looking for something relatively unchallenging this is easy listening, and for fans of the Brisbane unit I can only assume this will go down reasonably well.


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