Tesseract - Manchester - 28.11.18


Plini, a solo instrumental artist from Australia, was our opening act for this night prog madness. He and his band of wonderfully talented band of musicians made what for only could be described as a magical start to the evening, winning over sceptical members audience with his incredibly unique musical styling and warm stage humour.

They only had twenty five or so of stage time, but in that time we were blessed with a truly wonderful performance, practically flawless in every way, and while there wasn’t much interaction between us and them, although I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as his music did most of the talking, there was just a incredibly soothing, calming and just generally overall enjoyable atmosphere about it.

While you could say that his music is not for everyone, to be honest I am incredibly happy to see an artist such as Plini being an opening act for a band as large as Tesseract, bringing what most would probably consider as ‘less accessible’ music to much wider audience. Don’t ignore music just because it is out of your comfort zone. 8/10.

(link to photo album; https://flic.kr/s/aHskNeE4yo )

Between The Buried And Me:

Our second act of the night, Between The Buried And Me, are probably one of the single most interesting and intriguing live acts I have had the pleasure of been able to experience. Their sound is hard to describe, there was so many different layers and levels to audibly take in and keep track of.

But even amongst all these levels of what one could only assume was just organised chaos, was just absolutely outstanding levels of musicianship, each member acting as a delicate but equally important component in a well oiled machine, listening to every song just started another cycle of constantly been blown away.

There are very few negative points i can think of that are against their performance, one been the lack of physical energy on stage and the other is that if you came to this not a fan or already aware of their music, this may be something you might not enjoy.

But regardless of such though, i honestly think the level their music is at makes up for both these factors as it was still an absolutely outstanding performance and just a joy to be able to witness, every band should aspire to be at this level, 8/10.

(link to photo album; https://flic.kr/s/aHsmuypAhX )


And finally our headliners, UK prog metal heavyweights, Tesseract. I personally have seen Tesseract about four times as of this point, and this may be possibly best i have ever seen them at. The atmosphere their music produces especially in a live setting, never doesn’t strike me as the first thing I notice, it just perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the show.

Tesseract are an incredibly unique band, I feel like they are one of the few bands that have really mastered their genre, producing music that is generally just good to listen to. Like I mean this sold out show just proves it.

They give off some of the most interesting and unique energy I have ever felt, the rhythm and groove just puts you in an unexpected euphoric like state, each member giving an absolutely captivating performances, bringing all their unique sounds together in what seemed like near perfection, and along with an amazing light show which just brought everything together in the right way 8/10.

(Link to photo album; https://flic.kr/s/aHsmwKTvxw )