Stick To Your Guns - Leeds - 11.12.18

Employed To Serve:

Employed To Serve, our first act of the night, hailing out of Woking, UK, they are what could be considered new wave hardcore, and from my first impressions they are also what could be considered an absolutely incredible live band, the full set was just a relentless charge of hard-hitting riff after hard-hitting riff, backed by powerful vocal work, large amounts of physical energy, just made for an incredibly heavy and intense performance. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough, get to seeing them while they are still playing smaller venues for that proper experience. 8/10.

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Counterparts were up next, and Counterparts are possibly one of the most enjoyable bands that I have ever experienced in a live music setting, although the set was only short, it was also able to bring on intense feelings of joy and euphoria.

The amount of physical energy radiating from both the band and the audience made for a practically perfect setting any performance.

Their overall musicianship as a band was outstanding, their music just felt enjoyable and familiar, but it was also full of intricate undertones which gave their sound a bit more an unique touch. 9/10

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Stick To Your Guns

Finally, our headliners, Stick To Your Guns, I came to this show not really knowing who they are or what kind of music they produce, but I shall say this, throughout the night they constantly me left with an ever-improving impression of them.

It was like counterparts never stopped, and all the energy seamlessly carried over, probably one of the best crowd reactions to a band I’ve seen in a long time.

All of this was as well of course backed and warranted by absolutely thunderous performance, it was real heavy, the good kind of heavy, constantly keeping you on your toes. It is refreshing to know shows like this are still happening on this scale. 8/10

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