Silverstein - A Beautiful Place to Drown

Approaching their 20th Anniversary, Silverstein has graced us with their newest album, A Beautiful Place to Drown.

The record starts hard with their latest single Bad Habits. Lead vocalist Shane Told’s catchy lyrics, "Why do I keep chasing, Bad feelings, I keep breaking down, I never deal with it, Drown cause I don't wanna swim, I'm good with, Bad habits", accompanied by guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau’s broad riffs set an unbreakable tone for the tracks to come. The energy continues into Burn it down, which features sharp unclean vocals from Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo, and makes a presence right through the record’s entirety.

The record takes a slowing turn in the smooth melodic verses of All On Me, but then bites back with addicting lyrics, a saxophone interlude and punchy last chorus before launching into their massive anthem Madness feat. Princess Nokia. Madness couples fiery riffs and leads with the soothing tones of Princess Nokia to bring another all-round solid track.

Other features on the record include Infinite with Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, along with Take What You Give with Simple Plan frontman Pierre Bouvier, each bringing in refreshing outside influence.

A surprising standout comes from probably the heaviest track on the album, Stop. Rouseau deliverers an electrifying and unapologetic tune, mixing together with Told’s vocals to produce a truly banging track.

A beautiful place to drown is a welcome addition to Silverstein’s still growing roster of records, proving once again that the band is not planning to slow any time soon. A Beautiful Place to Drown drops on 6th March and you’d be mad not to check it out.


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