Puppy - The Goat

Opening with the leading single Black Hole, the classic Puppy groove is laid down from the very start. Pounding drums, chunky Marshall guitar tones and rolling bass are filled out with huge layered vocals to fill all available space.

When a band includes older songs into a debut album, it can often seem lazy and out of place but it couldn't be more different with The Goat. A re-recorded Entombed from their Vol II EP adds more backing vocals and a fuller overall sound, and standalone single Demons closing the album brings an overall full-circle feel as part of their discography.

There is more variation stylistically on the album than ever before: Nightwalker is a slow, lilting rock and roll ballad-style sound and I Feel An Evil bringing a serious thrash influence in the guitar writing.

The standout tracks have to be Vengeance for its quick, unrelenting brutality and soaring choruses, Entombed as it brings a fresh feel for an outstanding song, and Bathe In Blood for its pure extravagance.

Puppy may not be quite the GOAT yet, but they are most certainly one of the brightest rising stars British rock has had for years.


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