Modern Error - Lost In The Noise [EP]

The first explosive notes of the EP rip out any preconceptions of how Modern Error may sound. The crashing brutality of the instrumental and Zak Pinchin's vocals combine immaculately for a dense wall of sound. However, following up with Funeral Verse demonstrates they're not only chaos merchants. The delicate, melodic restraint builds to a climax in one final belting of 'I love you', and the reberb-laden guitars fade through the mix.

The highlight of the EP comes in the shape of third track Blackout Poetry, which opens with a thunderingly heavy riff and screamed verses before breaking into a soaring chorus. With lyrics of thoughts ruining relationships and feeling vulnerable, the power musically and vocally within the track is sure to make it a hit.

The final two tracks are the only unreleased pieces of the eight track record, and they take the form of reprises of the earlier Funeral Verse and Separation Scars to form almost a Les Miserables level of closure and catharsis in the reworking. The songwriting ability required to write songs this good is rare, but the ability to make the songs work immaculately in two completely different ways is a powerful skill.

Modern Error are only just getting started and if this debut is anything to go by, you'd be a fool to sleep on them.


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