Millencolin - SOS

Quick, punchy and energetic from the very off, Millencolin aren't holding back for their return to the fold - their first release since 2015's True Brew. Title track SOS delivers on kicking off the album purely in their style: gritty lead vocals, catchy melodies and intricately-placed leads over the power chord rhythm. This seamlessly sweeps into For Yesterday, which slows the tempo slightly while keeping the same punch.

A poignant message is delivered throughout Yanny & Laurel of the confusion and stupidity of the modern population - referencing the viral audio clip of people hearing different ways. As sarcastic as the tone may be (namely the "like Yanny and Laurel" chorus hook being put through a vocoder), the song is a reminder of how doomed we could be at this point in a light-hearted way.

The highlight of the album has to be Let It Be, which is a completely stunning skate punk song. It's got immaculately crafted octave guitars, a strong bass part, cymbal-heavy drums and a thickly layered vocal landscape to Šarčević's vocals.

Closing the album with Carry On, Millencolin seem outwardly to be exuding positivity but in reality much the opposite. Having been a band for nearly 30 years, a lot has changed in the world and this song acts as a summary of the issues raised within this latest album. With lyrics referencing the "wasteful mission" and "keep on having fun", they leave fans with a bleak depiction of the temporary, fleeting moment that is life - temporary fun being used to excuse living thoughtlessly.

Overall, a poignant delivery of a bleak message of modern dystopia and a great return for the skate punk legends. It'll definitely be worth catching these tunes for the first time in the UK live at Slam Dunk's Punk In Drublic stage, curated by NOFX!


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