Our Hollow, Our Home - In Moment / / In Memory

As Our Hollow, Our Home further carve their way into British metalcore, the first thing to make clear is that this is completely and utterly them - if you enjoyed their previous album Hartsick you're in for a treat.

First track //Denial is a long quote about grief and mourning to establish the concept and back up the album title. First track In Moment sets the scene for how the album will go on, much in the same style of the past era of the band - crushing screams fronting the sound with doomy guitars and cutting melodic vocals through the choruses to provide immaculate contrast.

The standout track here is Weight & Carriage which sounds a lot more emo-influenced than many of the tracks in their catalogue, with scream vocalist Connor experimenting and varying vocal style to great effect. Intricate guitar work keeps the different track woven well into the fabric of the album - a difficult skill for an emergence to a new style.

Overall, a fantastic album of songs that will build out their live set well and pull in new fans with a strong gravity - one of British metalcore's hidden gems.


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