Holding Absence - The Key Club, Leeds - 23/3/19

After a sunny Saturday in Leeds we walk through the city centre to an abundance of Holding Absence t-shirts. All the fans seem hyped for the upcoming show.

Opening up we have Leeds based Metalcore outfit The Lunar Process, kicking it straight off into what seems very heavy for this particular line up. The crowd albeit a tiny bit confused seemed to roll with it and banged their heads along. Being the first band on is sometimes a tough task to get the crowd going but they didn’t seem to have a problem, using their incredible stage presence to get the crowd pumped for what is bound to be an awesome show.

Next up we have the enigmatic Nightmares, entering the stage to a flood of red lights, the aesthetic was very clear from the get go. Although musically the band was on point with roaring basslines, powerful synths echoing throughout the venue. The crowd seemed to either not know about this band or they weren’t a fan but there was no interaction from the crowd at all. This didn’t seem to change the bands on stage persona at all as they continued playing the songs but never attempted to interact with the crowd. Whether this is the case at one of their own shows/hometown shows it is unclear but for tonight it was quite a disappointment.

Now it was time for the penultimate act, the incredible Luke Rainsford. Luke is definitely a fan favourite in the Leeds scene bringing in a huge following every time he plays. This time was no different, armed with a full band he took to the stage to the cheering fans. Although Luke is described as an acoustic artist, you can’t help but notice how much the full band fills out his already astounding sound. The band providing a funky bassline, a bit of backing acoustic guitar and a cool bit of keys. The crowd sang along to almost every song as if Luke was headlining the show.

After what seems like a lifetime, the lights dimmed, the eerie atmospheric music hit and it was finally time for Holding Absence to hit the stage. Kicking their set straight off with Lucas lunging towards the crowd and the crowd screaming every single lyric right back at him. Even though their debut self-titled album was only released two weeks prior, everyone in the crowd must have had it on repeat learning all the heart felt lyrics. What a spectacular show these guys put on, seeing them live is truly the only way to do them justice, seeing them “live and in colour” is definitely the best option to feel the pure energy of these tracks.

Photos by Oliver Broadbent

Words by Nathan Robinson