High Rise - Endeavours

Endeavours’ was engineered and mastered by Oz Craggs who’s previously worked with such bands as Feed The Rhino, NECK DEEP and Mallory Knox. The combination of his work and the bands thoughtful lyrics and talent, have produced a magnificent album.

West London, Melodic Metalcore band, High Rise have expressed a remarkable amount of emotion and passion in their new release, with such songs like ”My Solitude, Your Hope”.

With powerful lyrics such as, “And I am honestly, honestly afraid of what we have become. It’s too late now to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I’ve done “

The band have said Endeavours is a journey and reflection on their cultural surroundings and each song reflects the day to day struggles. Addressing that we forget to appreciate the important things around us. Displaying an impressive combination of powerful screams, both clean and fierce vocals, meaningful lyrics and unforgettable riffs, the band have certainly got that message across .

They have shared stages with the likes of Bad Omens, Our Home and Create To Inspire. As well as selling out numerous shows in their hometown. High Rise are definitely one to watch

Following on from the news of their new EP, The band have announced today that they will be going on tour, co-headlining with Cope in September. Visiting Brighton, Southampton, Swindon and Guildford.

If you’re a fan of bands such as A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside and Underoath, you are guaranteed to enjoy this impressive EP

Endeavours is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music NOW!


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