God Complex - Created Sick

God Complex are one of the key upcoming UK bands to keep an eye on, serving up a malicious, meticulous concoction of hardcore and deathcore with tinges of metal and other unworldly sounds.

Debut EP Created Sick has its initial question marks, as the opening title-track douses the listener with a brief blur of riffs and drums met by sounds of static, walls of noise and Harry Rule’s unruly screams. As soon as game-changer 'Breeding Filth' kicks in though, God Complex begin to gather pace welding together stompy riffs and dark guttural screams with Rule ruling with an iron fist. What is refreshing about God Complex is the discernible array of dynamics in the head-spinning grooves of ‘Stone Hand’ to the drawn-out, down-spiralling ‘Slumlord’. From beatdown to beat ‘em up, ‘Ordered To Be Well’ reverts to the pent-up, ground-pounding style heard earlier in the EP with blissful fusion of bleak deathcore and blistering hardcore – making the audience reach for the volume dial to crank it up.

Playlist: Breeding Filth

Released: October 2018, Venn Records


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