Enter Shikari - 02 Academy, Leeds - 02.02.19

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Our first band of the night was Black Peaks, and just because they happened to be the opening act of this night of madness didn’t stop them from going all out. What we saw from Black Peaks was a display of pure, loud, high energy, melodic mathcore.

Black Peaks as a band, are easily one of the best in their genre at this current point in time, and with their performance at this show just proves it, even with their smaller stage production/ presence, they managed to remain a massive stand out, even amongst the giants Enter Shikari.

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Palaye Royale, they were our second band of the night, for me personally I have never really listen to or heard of them so I didn’t really know what I was to expect from this portion of the night, but overall I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed them way more than I thought I ever would.

Palaye Royale’s music gave out incredibly chilled vibes but they also had an incredibly energetic and huge stage presence and it mixed incredibly well, this happened to be also backed up rather strong performance, and a very strong audience reaction.

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So Enter Shikari, our headline act, first reactions, even at the point before they had even started playing music they just had the most unique stage presence, nothing quite like I have ever experienced at a live show before, there was such an energy that I have never never felt before, this was literally doubled once had started performing.

Just some of the most interesting music I ever happened to have heard/ seen, in a live environment, but also saying this, this was also backed up by insane live performance, an incredible crowd reaction and a ridiculous stage show.

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