Blood Youth announce second album 'Starve'

Rising emotional hardcore outfit Blood Youth have finally announced their second album, months after the release of the first single.

The album is titled Starve after that initial release, and will be released on 22nd February via Rude Records. The 13-track record will come just over 2 years after the debut Beyond Repair in January 2017.

The album features a tracklist of:

1. {51/50} 2. Starve 3. Cut Me Open 4. Spineless 5. Nerve 6. The Answer     7. Waste Away 8. {stone.tape.theory} 9. Visitant 10. Keep You Alive 11. Nothing Left 12. Hate 13. Exhale

Preorder the album in a number of bundles here and get in on the hype with Keep You Alive down below...

The band are also on tour early next year:


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