As It Is - O2 Adademy 2, Leicester 14/3/19

Playing to a rapidly filling room, show openers Oceans Apart quickly demonstrated why they were picked as a local support. Groovy, boomy riffs filled the air with huge energy as they forcefully made the crowd fully aware of what would be coming up. With only two songs released online to date, big tunes will come from this band in the very near future - watch this space.

Next up came London indie-emo outfit Bellevue Days who have become known for their endearing stage presence and dangerously honest lyrics, and this was very much apparent throughout their performance. With lilting melodies and crunchy tones, it became quickly apparent they had fans in the room. Hit song Pepper Tea most effortlessly showed off their prowess: with more math rock feelings, the song is devilishly tricky in structure but they worked through a record-perfect rendition with ease.

As the main support for the tour, Modern Error clearly have some powerful fans. That's no wonder after the release of their phenomenal debut EP Lost in the Noise, released last month, but their live performance is something else entirely. Deep electronic sounds welcomed them to a rippling wave of anticipation, and they quickly broke into most recent single Separation Scars. Chaotic flashes of light intermittently bathed the four-piece across the top of the measured wall of sound, as vocalist Zak Pinchin incited singalongs and crushing catharsis simultaneously throughout the performance of the whole EP. One of the most exciting UK bands right now, period.

As It Is had an idea to play smaller venues as part of the 'Intimate Depression' tour, and the gamble definitely paid off. Kicking the headline slot off with a chunk of the new album, it quickly became apparent they were brimming with energy as per usual. The new material translates immaculately - even debutants The Haunting and Such Great Heights in the middle of the set translated fantastically.

Towards the middle of the set, Patty Walters ditched the band and got out the acoustic. A few of the usual comforting words came about life getting better, but the true majesty lay in the performance. A welcome return to the setlist for You, the Room and the Devil on Your Shoulder was followed by The Question, The Answer to slow down the tempo before another return in Winter's Weather. Finishing with a few setlist staples, As It Is demonstrated their stamina and musical prowess through the illness and fatigue of a huge tour. Hugely hardworking and entertaining in performance - another successful tour date to check off the list.