Anteros – When We Land

Up and coming dream pop band Anteros are due to release their debut album When We Land this Friday (22nd March.) Delivering a hybrid sound of old school influences from the likes of Blondie and The Cardigans and futuristic visions of indie pop music.

The record starts strong with Call Your Mother, vocalist Laura’s dreamy vocals being the immediate key to staple their sound as a band. The chorus suggests a more modern indie vibe, think bands like Spector and Genghr. Afterglow brings a slightly darker edge to the album, heavier drums which break it up from the airy pop sound at the start is an interesting change, yet still keeps an element of 80’s styles being reminiscent of the new wave and indie rock genres.

Further into the album there is a more lucid arrangement of tracks that flow perfectly. Drive On very much speaks for itself, gives the feel of chill driving music. It could easily be this summer’s big indie anthem. Their track Breakfast has been given a rework since they first brought it out on their first release with the Breakfast EP, the vocals are stronger and an added alien-like effects in the middle, a great alternative version that fits better in the context of the album. Ordinary Girl is another good injection of a different tone, opting for acoustic guitars and piano throughout. The chorus vocals paired with heavy drums are effectively punchy to convey Laura’s emotional tone and orchestral strings are a good touch to adding a more serious feel that sets it apart from the rest of the songs. Finally, the last song on the album Anteros has strong piano usage that acts like a finale to a dramatic musical, taking the record back to the dreamy pop theme at the start big finish, which is exactly what a debut album like this needs to cement their sound.

When We Land is generally an easy-listening indie pop record, with a good balance of emotions throughout. The lyrics have a lot of themes which are angsty and will relate to a younger audience, overall is a breath of fresh air in today’s pop scene that will be good listening for the spring season.


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